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Today we’re excited to bring you an interview with January’s Featured Stylist of the Month! Peonie is the whimsical creative behind the fashion+food blog Cupcake Peonie! Whether she’s piecing together colorful outfits or constructing amazing recipes it’s evident that this young lady is talented. Alright, alright we’ll stop gushing and let you get to know her for yourself.

SS: When did you first become interested in fashion and when did this interest bloom into an actual blog?

Peonie: Since the day I could dress myself, I have always been my own muse when it comes to fashion. I never stuck with the trends and I always wore what I wanted. Honestly, the blog began as a personal diary to myself. The outfit posts actually began as sort of a joke. My first outfit post was titled “An ode to the fashion bloggers” and it got such a great response that I continued to do them! 

SS: The name Cupcake Peonie makes me curious…Which do you love more, food or fashion? 

Peonie: I love eating almost as much as I love shopping, but I have to say that shopping and fashion takes the cake! 

SS: Who are you current biggest fashion crushes?

Peonie: Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules, Aimee Song of Song of Style and Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook are my fashion blogger crushes of the moment. They have such amazing style! Everyday, they inspire me to stand out from the crowd! I love seeing each and everyone one of their personal styles. Sometimes when I’m shopping, I’ll say to myself, “This is something (insert fashion blogger name here) would wear!” It’s just so fun to discover people who have the same interests as I do!

SS: If you could add one item to your closest what would it be? 

Peonie: A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes! A classic pair like these (!/cupcakepeonie/126835/) would be the perfect addition to any outfit! Plus, who could resist a pair of those red soles?!

SS: What are your biggest hopes for your blog in 2012? 

Peonie: To become more fashion oriented because it is my passion. I love to hear and see when I inspire other people to discover something new about themselves through my blog. I only hope to continue the trend and inspire other people to push the limits of their own style.

A huge thanks to Peonie for taking the time to share her life with us. Check out Peonie’s StyleSays page to see her top fashion picks. Until next time :)



2 years ago | 11:00am